Theory Test

I would recommend on revising for the theory as soon as you can. When you feel you are ready to take the test, you can book it here. If you are finding you are struggling with it or would like some help, i will always be here for to help with the theory, it will cost £23.

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Driving Test

 The driving test will take an average 40 minutes, will consist of 1 manoeuvre and the possibility of an emergency stop. 

To book your driving test go here.

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Theory Test Tips

Make sure you get enough revision in before you take the test.  

You know yourself best, so learn the best way for you, whether that be books or apps. 

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Driving Test Tips

Stay relax, focus and calm. 

everybody gets nervous about tests, but you will have to do this to get your independence and freedom. 

Remember what you have been told on your lessons and focus on the end goal and stay positive.